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Building Your Career & Future

The NALS Foundation was established in 1989 and is dedicated to ensuring a rewarding future for you and all legal support professionals.

It is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational foundation working hand in hand with NALS … the association for legal professionals to enhance educational opportunities.

Since its inception, the NALS Foundation has awarded grants and contributions of over $175,000 for the benefit of chapters, states, and regions.

The NALS Foundation is governed by a volunteer board of trustees. The board has designated the following as funding priorities:

  • Educational/Research Opportunities
  • Grants
  • Keynote Speakers/Workshops
  • Recognitions

The NALS Foundation strives to ensure top-notch legal services are the norm. It funds quality education programs for legal professionals working with attorneys and the public to enhance their skills and provide them with the latest information on their profession. The NALS Foundation also keeps the good of the legal profession in the public eye, emphasizing a positive image of the profession and the importance of qualified, competent legal professionals.

The NALS Foundation will put your dollars to work for you. Your annual support of the NALS Foundation qualifies as a charitable contribution and is deductible for federal income tax purposes to the maximum extent provided by law.

Please direct any questions you may have to the NALS Foundation Chair at We look forward to a wonderful and successful year in partnership with NALS and each of you!

Ways to Give

Tax Deductible Contributions

The NALS Foundation will put your dollars to work for you. Annual Investment Circles are a tax-deductible opportunity for you to support the NALS Foundation’s efforts to expand educational and networking opportunities for all legal professionals.

You can make a contribution to the NALS Foundation as an Individual or an Organization. You may also make contributions in the form of sweepstakes/auction items for NALS conferences. Your support of the NALS Foundation qualifies as a charitable contribution and is deductible for federal income tax purposes to the maximum extent provided by law. Click here to request a contribution receipt.

Organizational Circle Donor Levels

  • Bronze – $250 or more
  • Silver - $500 or more
  • Gold - $1000 or more
  • Platinum – $2500 or more
  • Diamond – $5000 or more

Individual Circle Donor Levels

  • Friends – $100 or more
  • Visionaries – $250 or more
  • Founders – $500

NALS Foundation Sweepstakes

The NALS Foundation is seeking donated items for the annual Foundation Sweepstakes to be held during the 63rd Annual Education Conference & National Forum in Houston, Texas.

Circle Donors

Individual Circle Donors


Mary Burns, PP, PLS
Doris Compton, PP, PLS
Tina Hurley, PP, PLS
Mary Lenhart, PP, PLS
Carl Morrison, PP-SC, AACP
Debbie Nickerson, PP, PLS
Faynell Poe, PP, PLS
Carol L. Pyle
Marie Ringholz, PP, PLS
Gina Sciullo Siudyla
Flora Yarnall, PLS


Julie Abernathy, PP, PLS
Tina Boone, PLS
Nakia Bradley-Lawson
Marcie Carter, PP, PLS-SC
Anita Cottrell, PP, PLS
Mary Jo Denman, PP, PLS
Rita Ann Gilson, PP, PLS
Judy Golden-Bentley, PLS
Linda Hanley
Tara Hughes, PP, ACP
Patricia E. Infanti, PP, PLS
Leslie Keys, PP, PLS
Sandy Lavender, CHRS
Mimi Mangrum
Susan Mano
Karen McElroy, PP, PLS
Lisa Mitchum, PLS
Reba Peden, PP, PLS-SC
Kathy Sieckman, PP, PLS, ACP
Debra Taylor, PP, PLS
Kerie Trindle Byrne, PLS, CP
Katherine Warren, PP, PLS-SC


Theresa Ann Alba
Kathleen Amirante, PP, PLS
Wil Antonides, ALP
Lois Belle, PLS
Jan Berger
Lucinda Broecker
Lori Brown, PLS
Sheryl Christophersen, PLS
Victoria (Tori) Francis
Delana Freouf, PLS
Teresa Garber
Nancy Gates, PP, PLS, CLA
Jill Hale, PP, PLS, CLA
Jacquelyn Hannigan, PP, PLS
Ella Herbin
September Holmblad, PP, PLS
Cynthia Huffman, PP, PLS
Kathie Keys, PP, PLS
Renee Kleinjan, PLS
Ruth McCluskey
M. Ana McNatt
Daniele Mitchell, PLS
Mary Pewitt
Barry Pickreign
Brenda Piplovick, PP, PLS
Audrey Saxton, PP, PLS
Amy Jean Sears-Shackelford, PLS
Lindsay Stinchcomb, PP, PLS
Renee Stout
Tiffany Burford Taylor
Hilda Thompson
Michelle Ward, PP, PLS
Deborah Waters, FRP
Helene Wood, PP, PLS-SC, TSC-RE

Organizational Circle Donors


Region 3
Texas ALP


Region 2
Region 6
Region 7


Austin LSA
Gulf Coast ALSP
NALS of Anchorage
Region 1
Region 5
Region 8

Connect With the NALS Foundation

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