Certification Director Candidate – Jeannie Shaw, PP, PLS

Local Chapter: Gulf Coast Association of Legal Support Professionals

Year Joined NALS: 1997

Are You a Life Member? Yes

Years in Legal Profession: 33

Current Employer and Job Title: Allen, Cobb, Hood & Atkinson, P.A. | Legal Secretary

Certifications and Awards

Certified Professional Paralegal Recertification (2007)

Certified Professional Paralegal (2002)

PLS (2000)

NALS Award of Excellence (2007)

MS Award of Excellence (2007)

GCALSP Award of Excellence (2002)

Member of the Year (2010; 2002)

ABA Military Legal Assistance Award (1990)

Past and Present Officers


Education Functional Chair (2010-2011)
@ Law Committee Chair (2009-2010)
- @ Law Committee member (2008-2009)
Education Committee Member (2004-2008)
- Text Development


President (2006-2007)

President Elect (2005-2006)

Vice-President (2004-2005)

Secretary (2003-2004)

Award of Excellence Chair (2009-2010)

Certification Chair (2002-2003; 2008-2009)

Manual of Policy & Procedures Chair (2007-2008)

Scholarship Chair

Bar Liaison (2001-2002)


President (2001-2003; 2009-2010)

Vice President (2000-2001)

Secretary (1998-2000)

Treasurer (2004-2005)

Director (2008-2009)

Award of Excellence

Boss of the Year

Bosses’ Appreciation Night

Certification Chair

Manual of Policy and Procedures (2007)

News & Notes (1998-2000)

Scholarship Chair(1999)

Technology Chair

Training Course Coordinator (2004-2008)

Annual Meeting Program Committee

Please Answer the Following Questions:

1. In 75 words or less, How would you inspire NALS members to take a more proactive role in recruiting new members?

For most groups, 80% of the results are produced by 20% of the members.  That small handful of “workhorses” can choose to try to motivate their unmotivated members to participate in recruitment, or they could just gather the horses and get to work. When faced with apathetic members with regard to recruitment, don’t ask “How do I motivate my members to recruit?”  Instead ask, “How do I recruit with my motivated members?”

2. In 350 words or less, What changes do you believe NALS should make now to continue to grow as a professional association and to be viable in the next 50 years?  (i.e., what type of services and programs should be developed, how these services and programs should be delivered, and any other changes you believe should be considered?)

The key to being viable is:

Respected online certification.

Flexible, online study.

Affordable, lower tuition.

Accelerated time to complete certification online.

I believe that NALS is on the right track to grow as a professional association as we continue to expand and improve our on-line presence through not only our website but also our expanding presence in social networks.

Education, one of the foundations for our association, is changing from a classroom, institutional setting to an on-line, on-demand system and we must keep up with that trend.  Our Education Committee has explored and continues to explore ways to provide on-line training through webinars, PowerPoint presentations and other educational seminars, which can be utilized at law firm in-house training.  A NALS library of on-line training will become increasingly important and will need to be on-demand to fit into the member’s busy schedule.  On-line education is becoming increasing important in long-term strategy for postsecondary institutions and it is imperative that institutions marketing themselves as education based provide quality online programs.

Faculty training and support is a critical component of quality on-line education.  Instructors play a different role from that of traditional classroom instructors.  The most important skills for an on-line instructor may be how to moderate or facilitate learning and how to develop or plan for high-quality on-line courses.  Planning and moderating skills may become more important that actual “teaching” or lecturing skills.

On-line courses should be relevant, interactive, project-based, and collaborative, while providing learners with some choice or control over their learning.  On-line instructional strategies need to create an environment that supports and encourages inquiry, broadens the learner’s experience of the subject matter and elicits active and critical reflection by learners on their growing experience base by using activities related to creative thinking, hands-on performances, interactive labs, and data analysis.

In short, NALS will need to keep up with the changes and growth in internet technology through increased use of multimedia and interactive simulations or games and expanded on-line learning and responsible social-networking.


I write to endorse Jeannie Shaw, PP, PLS, as Certification Director.  I first met Jeannie while writing an article about her for @Law when she was the Award of Excellence winner.  Since then, I have had the opportunity to interact with her on the @Law committee.  She has always been willing and very able to take on whatever tasks or responsibilities were given to her and she functioned in those capacities with great skill and tenacity.  She will make a very competent director and I encourage all to vote for her.

Brooke Nicholson, PLS

Jeannie Shaw, PP, PLS is a dedicated member of NALS who has endeavored to set and achieve goals not only for herself personally, but in challenging other members throughout NALS to do the same.  She has worked hard on various local, state and national levels to enhance the education and certification of our membership.  I strongly support her for Certification Director.

Theresa Wilson, PP, PLS

I have known Jeannie Shaw for several years now and count it a privilege to call her friend and “Sister in Law”.  We met through attendance at professional association meetings and have both been active in our local chapter, the state chapter and on national committees.  Jeannie has been a dedicated member and has served all levels of this association well.  She served on the text development committee as a member and the @Law committee as a member and later as chair.  She developed and wrote Techbytes for @Law for two years.  She is always a professional who makes time to help the others whether in her office or in other offices when they have questions or are uncertain about computer programs, court procedures, or any other aspect relating to the legal profession. I highly recommend Jeannie for the office of Certification Director.

Nancy M. Gates, PP, PLS, CLAS

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