2011 Education Conference & National Forum Keynote Speakers

The NALS 2011 Education Conference and National Forum opening keynote speaker is Vicki Voisin.  Vicki will be speaking on Exploring the Mystery of Ethics and Technology:  Ethics Lessons for Legal Professionals.  The description for this dynamic session is:  It’s a Mystery!!! The Senior Partner at a prestigious law firm has been murdered.  Who killed him and why? Carolyn, a paralegal in the Litigation Department, suspects there are clues within the firm’s web of technology that will help bring the scoundrel to justice. You will enjoy this unique approach to ethics education as you explore the ethical perils of the world of law firm technology, including eDiscovery, metadata, web sites, blogs, e-mail, cell phones, faxes and more.

Vicki Voisin, also known as “The Paralegal Mentor,” delivers simple strategies for paralegals and other professionals to create success and satisfaction by setting goals and determining the direction they will take their careers. Ms. Voisin spotlights resources, ethics issues, organizational tips, and other areas of continuing education to help paralegals and others reach their full potential. She publishes a weekly e-newsletter titled Paralegal Strategies and co-hosts The Paralegal Voice, a monthly podcast produced by Legal Talk Network. More information is available at www.paralegalmentor.com.

The closing keynote speaker is Alanna Moravetz, J.D..  Her session, Professional Satisfaction: The new Science of Happiness, is an interactive session in which you will explore what the new science of positive psychology and research on happiness has to teach you about your effectiveness and well-being in your work in the legal profession.  You’ll focus on questions such as “What is the role that positive emotions play in your ability to sustain your careers and thrive in your organizations?”  You will learn strategies and techniques that you can use immediately to build your resilience and sustain your career.

Alanna Moravetz, J.D., has worked in human and organizational development for over 20 years as an educator, trainer, consultant and coach. She designs and delivers experiential leadership development programs based upon cutting-edge work in leadership. She assists individuals, work teams, and organizations to manage change and maximize effectiveness. Her leadership work and executive coaching with attorneys, judges, court administrators, engineers, and accountants focuses on the successful management of transitions transferring their learning into results for their organizations.

Alanna is a Certified Coach from the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara. She holds the Experiential Learning with the Kolbs Certificate for Individuals, Teams, and Organizations from Case Western University as well as certification in the EQ in Action Profile.

Alanna is a licensed attorney whose experience includes serving as the Director of Education and Organizational Development for the Minnesota Supreme Court and Director of Career and Professional Development at the University of St. Thomas School of Law. Minneapolis, MN.

In addition to owning her own consulting firm, Alanna serves as an adjunct professor teaching leadership and professional development at the University of St. Thomas Graduate School of Engineering and School of Law. She is affiliated with the Center for Character-Based Leadership in Minneapolis.

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