NALS Committee Volunteer Opportunities

NALS’ New Five-Member Board of Directors invite YOU to join the 2014-15 Leadership Team!

As NALS transitions to a five-member Board of Directors, they will be actively engaged in analyzing the challenges and opportunities for the association, identifying the high-impact legal industry trends or developments affecting the members, and strategically using the association resources to build member value. They need a great team to join them as they begin to shape the future of NALS. That is where YOU come in!

Take an active role in leadership service. Participation on a NALS committee will enhance your personal goals and professional growth, give you a clearer understanding of the inner workings of NALS, and empower you to shape the future of NALS through your volunteerism.

All NALS committees communicate electronically, holding monthly meetings online or via conference call, and conducting business through email, an economical and green way to function as a committee. Though not mandatory (with the exception of the Certifying Board), the national committees are highly encouraged to meet at the Professional Development & Education Conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma (February 27-March 2, 2014) and at the Education Conference & National Forum in Houston, Texas (October 2-4, 2014).

It is thrilling and exciting to be part of the NALS Leadership Team. You will have FUN getting to know and working with other NALS members from around the country; additionally, you will gain a sense of pride and accomplishment seeing your work come to fruition. Engage, inspire, enhance, and promote NALS by accepting the challenge to make a difference!

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Committees/Task Forces for the 2014-2015 Year

Certifying Board
Editorial Board
Education Committee
Text Development Committee
Basic Legal Training Course Task Force
Education Products Task Force
Genius Bar Task Force
Manuals Task Force
National Forum Conference Task Force
Online Study Group Task Force
Professional Development Conference Task Force
WebEd Task Force
Young Legal Professionals Task Force
Board of Trustees Leadership Identification Committee Click to read qualifications/requirements, details regarding the selection process, other important information, or to apply.

Certifying Board: This committee consists of at least nine NALS members, each of whom serve for at least two years and must be a PP or PLS in good standing. Two non-NALS members also serve on the Certifying Board. Although a PLS may fall under the category of “voluntary recertification,” she or he must recertify in order to serve on the Certifying Board. In order to receive exam-related training (including statistics and exam preparation), it is imperative that during the two-year term Certifying Board members are available to attend each Professional Development Conference held in Tulsa in March. Members of the Certifying Board are prohibited from teaching any subject related to the certification exams while on the Certifying Board and for two years after their terms expire. The Certifying Board is responsible for all issues directly relating to the certification exams.


Editorial Board: This committee oversees all NALS publications: @Law (quarterly print magazine); the NALS docket (monthly e‑zine newsletter); e-News (weekly newsletter); annual board of director press releases; and other public relations materials as deemed necessary. The responsibilities of the NALS Editorial Board include: (a) identifying and securing suitable authors for articles, (b) proofreading articles, (c) proofreading full magazine text, and (d) preparing monthly editions of “e-Learn,” “Member Spotlight,” “Chapter Spotlight,” “Blogworthy,” and other articles as needed for the NALS docket. The committee is also responsible for researching new technology, trends, and hot topics in the legal industry, specifically those relevant to the four Specialty Certificate areas (Litigation/Civil Law, Corporate Law, Estate Planning/Family Law, and General Law), for use in all NALS publications.


Education Committee:

  • Basic Legal Training Course Task Force: This task force will oversee the Basic and Advanced Legal Training Courses offered by NALS state/local chapters, and will also be tasked with the creation of a national Basic Legal Training Course.
  • Online Study Group Task Force: This task force will be responsible for making minimal revisions to the question/answer bank, and presenting WebEd sessions for the Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 Online Study Group series’ (8 sessions).
  • WebEd Task Force: This task force is responsible for identifying and securing webinar/podcast topics and speakers, including but not limited to hot topics, entry-level topics, and topics that fall within the specialty areas identified by NALS (Litigation/Civil Law, Estate Planning/Family Law, and Corporate Law). This task force is also responsible for coordinating/presenting Online Study Group sessions twice a year.


Genius Bar Task Force: The NALS Genius Bar is a technology help center that is available onsite at NALS conferences to assist attendees with technology questions, smart phone issues, etc. The NALS Geniuses Bar Task Force will be responsible for working the NALS Genius Bar booth during conferences, developing and sharing technology tips/tricks with the membership throughout the year, and researching apps and other technology resources to ensure that NALS stays current and abreast of changes as they are happening.


National Forum Conference Task Force: Responsible for arranging education topics and speakers, as well as providing insight about special events and potential vendors, for the annual Education Conference & National Forum held annually in the fall. We are looking for volunteers for the 2015 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Professional Development Conference Task Force: Responsible for arranging sessions and speakers, as well as providing insight about special events and potential vendors, for the annual Professional Development & Education Conference held annually in the spring. We are looking for volunteers for the 2015 conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Text Development Committee:

  • Education Products Task Force: This task force is responsible for preparing and updating mock exams and resource manuals for the three certification exams offered by NALS—Accredited Legal Professional (ALP), Professional Legal Secretary (PLS), and Professional Paralegal (PP).
  • Manuals Task Force: This task force is responsible for drafting, reviewing, and revising the Basic Manual for the Lawyer’s Assistant, the Advanced Manual for the Lawyer’s Assistant, and the accompanying workbook materials and instructor’s manuals.


Young Legal Professionals Task Force: This task force develops strategies to promote leadership opportunities and education for up-and-coming leaders and young legal professionals. This task force is responsible for tackling the issues and concerns of the young professional in today’s legal industry, and providing them with the resources necessary to excel in the workforce.


NALS Foundation Board of Trustees: The NALS Foundation is an educational foundation dedicated to improving the value of legal professionals through education, research, and other activities. The Foundation trustees are responsible for internal and external fundraising and developing collaborative support for its programs. The NALS Foundation funds keynote speakers at educational conferences and awards grants to chapters and states. If you are interested in serving on the Foundation, we will notify the Foundation Chair of your interest.


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