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Welcome to NALS!

This list is posted to welcome new members and as a service to membership chairs. If you need to contact NALS about membership matters, please contact the Membership Services Manager with your questions.

List Updated August 15, 2014

Rikki Allen
Dechen Bartso
Diane Baumgartner
Angela Berg
Rene’ Bunch
Maryam Elahi
Rose Feazell
Sara Ferniza
Jamie Greenfield
Jodi Honkanen
Michelle Kittle
Karen Long
Norm Luke
Janet Mosley
Analisa Payne
Stephanie Roulier
Angelica Serenil
Caroline Smith
Perline Squire
Janet Steward
Anya Suher
Esther Townsend
Sandy Weston
Caretta Whitten