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WebEd sessions are live multimedia webinars. Registration fees are $35 for NALS members and $50 for non-members for each CLE session. Registered attendees are provided the audio portion of the Webinar at no cost. A toll free number is provided with your registration. For special group rates or possible group discounts please email All attendees must register in order to receive Certificates of Attendance and CLE credit. If you have more questions please email  If you are interested in seeing the schedule for upcoming Live sessions click here.

Below is a listing of past sessions that are available for purchase in the NALS Store or that are available for free in the NALS ED On Demand listing (Members Only).




Deposition Summaries

We will discuss various ways attorneys like to have their depositions summarized and a roundtable discussion on other areas of interest for the litigation paralegal/legal secretary.

Reba Peden, PP, PLS-SC (MS) Litigation/ Civil Law


The Basics of Bankruptcy

This session will introduce the listener to bankruptcy.  We will discuss a short history of bankruptcy, go through how the Bankruptcy Code is organized; then look at the more “popular” chapters that legal professionals will be involved in if working in the field of bankruptcy.  We’ll also look at the different tasks a legal professional might be asked to perform, based on their employment.

Darleen T. Dozier, ACP Holmes Community College, Coordinator/ Instructor of Paralegal Technology Corporate Law


Bankruptcy – The Creditors PerspectiveThis session concentrates on aspects of bankruptcy law that creditors should be familiar with.  We will discuss how the creditor can be treated differently, according the chapter the debtor files.  We’ll also look at the legal professional’s duties associated with working from a creditor’s perspective. Darleen T. Dozier, ACP Holmes Community College, Coordinator/ Instructor of Paralegal Technology Corporate Law
05/15/141 CLE Microsoft Office 2013 and Windows 8 (Free to Members!)Office 2013 has yet another interface to get used to. Join us in our adventure of tips, tricks, and hints for Office 2013. Donna Brown of Beyond Square One General Law
April 17, 2014


Love, Marriage and Immigration?  The Nuts and Bolts of Marriage-Based Immigration (FREE to NALS Members!)Immigration issues regarding getting to green card by marriage to a U.S. citizen has been brought front and center with television shows like “90-Day Fiance.”  Can marriage to a U.S. citizen overcome all immigration-related obstacles?  These issues will be discussed in this webinar. Verna Seal, PP, PLS General Law
April 10, 20141 CLE Lester v Allied Concrete – How Social Media Can Help and Hurt CasesLester v Allied Concrete ended up in a situation where the attorney for the plaintiff ended up paying over $500,000 in sanctions – as well as his client paying over $180,000 in sanctions for actions regarding discovery and FaceBook in their wrongful death case.  Come and learn about what was done, why some of the attorney’s actions were wrong and learn how social media can help and hurt your cases! Amylyn Riedling, PP, PLS (WA) General Law
April 3, 20141 CLE Two Peas in a Pod-How Client Intake and Witness Preparation Go Hand in HandLearn how the information you take in during the client interview can be useful in preparing the client’s case in personal injury actions. Antoinette B. VanSchaick, PP, PLS, SC-Estate Planning/Family Law Litigation/ Civil Law
March 26, 2014 Leadership in a Law Firm (Free to Members!) Matthew L. Harris, Esq. Next Generation Leadership
March 13, 20141 CLE Electronic Data Forensics & Black BoxesThis NALS webinar will cover some general data forensics and will even touch on what is available in Black Boxes. Scott Greene of Evidence Solutions, Inc.
February 26, 20141 CLE Time Management (Free to Members!)Mastering use of your time will help you achieve more and worry less. You have the power to take control of your time. In this session, we will introduce the basic principles of time management and explore a personal style that works best for you.Learning Objectives:

  • Set Priorities effectively
  • Develop basic planning techniques
  • Manage both controllable and uncontrollable time
  • Maximize your personal energy
B. Jill Joiner and Bernadette J. H. Lawson Next Generation Leadership
February 20, 20141 CLE S.T.A.R. — A Tool To Communicate and Persuade (Free to Members!)Are you an “R” who can’t “get through” to the “T” boss?  Is the “A” client ignoring all the “S” help you/your firm is offering them? Learn to identify how your client / opponent / co-worker think so you effectively communicate and persuade your listener. Ryan R. Roley of the Law Office of Ryan R. Roley (AK) Estate Planning/ Civil Law
February 13, 20141 CLE A Paralegal Walks Into a Bar… A Lesson in EthicsThis session focuses on a real life case out of Florida.  The underlying case is between two shock jocks – but what one of the law firms did after hours during the trial will shock and amaze you. Amylyn Riedling, PP, PLS (WA) General Law
January 23, 20141 CLE Don’t Forget Medicare, or Else!!! (Free to Members!)This webinar will discuss the Medicare lien process, including proven approaches and resolution tactics for personal injury matters. Antoinette B. VanSchaick, PP, PLS, SC-Estate Planning/Family Law (NY) Litigation/Civil Law
December 18, 2013 Conflict Resolution

In many organizations today, the focus is on results: finding better solutions faster. To optimize performance, we must be able to effectively resolve issues, settle differences, and implement solutions on every level. Helping you discover ways to handle conflict – specifically using your conflict style, can improve performance. You will be introduced to five basic conflict-handling modes and how/when each mode is typically appropriate and gain eye-opening insight into how overusing or under using any one mode can create unwanted situations for themselves and for the people around them.

B. Jill Joiner and Bernadette J. H. Lawson Next Generation Leadership
November 21, 20131 CLE Differences in Civil Law vs. Criminal Law

In an active and varied litigation practice, attorneys and/or law firms handle both civil and criminal matters.  The similarities may be many, but the differences are of critical importance.  To the uninformed professional, opportunities may be missed and/or outcomes may be dramatically different if these distinctions are not appreciated.  This presentation identifies some of those differences and illustrates their practical implications for both the professional and the client.

Mike Moberly of Hozubin & Moberly (AK) Litigation/Civil Law
November 20, 2013 Driving Your Career (Free to Members!)

This webinar will focus on strategies that will empower you to take charge of your career and put you in the driver’s seat.  We will also discuss what skills are necessary to succeed in today’s legal marketplace and how to sharpen the tools in your toolbox.

Dianne Neely of Counsel on Call Next Generation Leadership
November 14, 20131 CLE How To Be a Successful Filer in CM/ECF

Join NALS for a presentation regarding Case Management/ Electronic Filing (CM/ECF) System.  With active Q & A session during and following the power point.

Natalie Day, U.S. Court District (AK) Litigation/Civil Law
November 7, 20131 CLE NALS@NOON – Adobe Acrobat 10:  9 ½ Tips for the Legal Professional (Free to Members!)

This webinar will cover tips and general considerations for legal professionals working in Adobe Acrobat, such as redaction, pdf/a compliance, online forms, and electronic signatures.  This session will also include some feature changes in Adobe Acrobat 11.  Although this session discusses how to use Adobe Acrobat for these features, some of this information is useful for understanding PDF files generally, regardless of what tool you use.

Jeffrey S. Ward of Norton Rose Fulbright (TX) General Law
October 13, 2013 Professional Dress and Appearance:  Dressing Like a Lady at Work and Not Like a “Working Lady”

This session will be an overview of why professional appearance is so important at work, consequences of bad professional appearance in the workplace, how to “dress for success,” and “Casual Fridays”.

Helene Johnson Alford Next Generation Leadership
October 3, 20131 CLE NALS@NOON – Litigation and the Use of Social MediaThis webinar will show you how evidence from social media sites can be relevant to almost every litigation dispute and investigation matter.

General Law
September 18, 2013 Keeping Professional Development Going (FREE to members!)After graduating High School and finishing our college or professional education, it’s safe to say “Mission Accomplished!” Or is it? Now that you are working full-time in a career you love, you can sit back, relax, and pat yourself on the back. Or can you?In the world of Business and Leadership Development Coaching, I’m often asked, “How important is Professional Development?” “Does it really matter?” The truth is, it does! In fact, it matters more than you might think.Keeping professional development going is important because it ensures we continue to be competent and highly skilled in our chosen professions. The important thing to keep in mind about professional development is that it’s a process; an ongoing process that should continue with you throughout your professional career and beyond.In “Keeping Professional Development Going,” business coach, author, and speaker, Nathan R Mitchell, explores the topic in depth, and offers invaluable insight into how you can use professional development opportunities to your advantage in today’s dynamic business environment. Nathan R. Mitchell of Clutch Consulting Next Generation Leadership
September 12, 20131 CLE Collaborative Law: A New Tool For an Old TaskIn this webinar you will learn how a “collaborative law” case works, what occurs in the “collab” team meetings, and what role the legal assistant can expect to play in facilitating a collab case. Ryan R. Roley of the Law Offices of Ryan R. Roley (AK) Corporate Law
September 5, 20131 CLE NALS@Noon - Child Support: HIstory and Practice (Free to Members!)

This session will provide an examination of Federal child support enabling legislation, a brief history of child support in the U.S., theories behind child support guidelines, and practice pointers.


David N. Horowitz, Certified Family Law Specialist and shareholder with May, Potenza, Baran & Gillespie (AZ) Estate Planning/ Family Law
August 28, 2013 New LawsMr. Harris will be discussing new and upcoming legislation. Matthew Harris Next Generation Leadership
August 21, 20131 CLE NALS@Noon – Microsoft Outlook Tips Your IT Department Never Told You About

Do you struggle to find e-mail messages in your Inbox or wish you could make the Calendar work like you do? In this session you will see how Advanced Find, Conversations, and Search Folders can make locating messages a snap! You’ll learn how to use Quick Steps to shorten time spent on repetitive tasks and how to customize your viewing preferences with colors to make messages stand out from the rest. See new ways you can modify the Calendar view to make scheduling meetings with others even easier. You will also hear a few other favorite timesaving tricks in Outlook 2010.


Misti Steen, Technical Training Supervisor at Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P. (TX) General Law
August 15, 20131 CLE Client Relationships & the Value of Honest & Frequent Communication (Free to Members!)

Most legal malpractice claims arise from the client’s annoyance at the lack of communication from his attorney.  Even those clients that get unfavorable results will continue to speak highly of the law office that kept them in the loop regarding their case and returned phone calls and correspondence promptly.  The session will be primarily aimed at best policies and procedures for developing and maintaining strong client relationships.


Jimmy White & Carol Borge General Law
July  25, 20131 CLE What Happens AFTER CSI.  It’s Not Always Law and Order (Free to Members!)

This session will be an overview of the Federal Criminal Justice System from the viewpoint of a paralegal.


Dee Dee Lantz of Wright, Lindsey, & Jennings, LLP (AR) Litigation/ Civil Law
July, 17, 2013 Talkin’ ‘Bout MY Generation – Part Two (Free to Members!)

Currently there are four generations in the workplace where opportunities for miscommunication and misunderstandings can and do occur. To help you effectively build these relationships with colleagues and clients, join us for part two of this two-part series as we discuss how to recognize situations influenced by generational differences.


B. Jill Joiner and Bernadette J. H. Lawson of Shook, Hardy & Bacon, L.L.P. (MO) Next Generation Leadership
July  11, 20131 CLE Collaborative Law: A New Tool for an Old TaskLearn how a “collaborative law” case works, what occurs in the “collab” team meetings, and what role the legal assistant can expect to play in facilitating a collab case. Ryan R. Roley of the Law Offices of Ryan R. Roley (AK) General Law
June 20, 20131 CLE

LDPs and Paralegals: The Difference (Free to Members!)

This session will explain the definition of paralegal and LDP and discuss the differences between the two. It will also go into depth about how to be a LDP/ (or a LDA – as in California).


Dawn E Fountain, LDP, PLS (FL) Litigation/ Civil Law
June 19, 2013

Talkin’ ‘Bout MY Generation  - Part One (Free to Members!)

Currently there are four generations in the workplace where opportunities for miscommunication and misunderstandings can and do occur. To help you effectively build these relationships with colleagues and clients, join us for part one of a two-part series as we discuss how to recognize situations influenced by generational differences.


B. Jill Joiner and Bernadette J. H. Lawson of Shook, Hardy & Bacon, L.L.P. (MO) Next Generation Leadership
May 15, 2013

Find Your Voice!(Free to Members!)

Getting comfortable with speaking, whether prepared or impromptu is about finding your own, authentic voice. That voice speaks to you from an inner knowledge of who you are. That voice speaks to your audience as only your voice can speak. Sound lofty? It is simple. Find that voice inside of you as our facilitator shares her most effective mindset, defines a proven skill set, and challenges you to determine your best toolset and Find Your Voice!


Sheila Gail Corbin, DTM (TN) Next Generation Leadership
May 09, 20131 CLE

Legal Research and Writing (Free to Members!)

This webinar will provide a concise overview of legal writing’s unique style and structure. In addition, this presentation will review traditional, text based legal research methods and will describe how Westlaw consolidates and augments these resources.


Siobhan McIntyre (AK) General Law
May 02, 20131 CLE

NALS@Noon – Uniformed Justice:  An Overview of the Military Justice System

This program will cover an overview of the military justice legal system, the different types of discharges and benefits that may accrue upon separation from the military (punitive and administrative), and some key tips for civilian trial practitioners who routinely assist military personnel.


Sherilyn Bunn of Firth Johnston Martinez (TX) Litigation/ Civil Law
April 25, 20131 CLE Litigation: Strategies and Solutions

This presentation addresses the strategic use of online materials in all aspects of litigation, including, but not limited to, initial case evaluation, retrieving background information on judges and opposing counsel, conducting discovery on experts, and preparing for trial. The information presented is applicable in commercial litigation, medical malpractice, products liability, pharmaceutical, general tort and other types of litigation.


April DeRosa and Tracy Duplantier of LexisNexis (GA) Litigation/ Civil Law
April 18, 20131 CLE Getting Ready for Trial: How to Get from Point A to Point ZA general overview to assist paralegals and assistants in preparing for trial from the time the case is filed. Dee Dee Lantz of Wright, Lindsey, & Jennings, LLP (AR) Litigation/ Civil Law
April 11, 20131 CLE The Series LLC—a Better Mousetrap?

The Series LLC is, perhaps, the latest “hot” thing in entity formation and business planning. The concept is simple, a single LLC may be formed in a state, but separate series or “cells” may be internally created within the LLC.  Learn what’s needed to create a Series LLC and the advantages for your clients.


Victor M. Firth of Firth Johnston Martinez (TX) Corporate Law
April 4, 20131 CLE NALS@Noon: There are no “OURS” in Family Mediation (Free to members!)Parties involved in family law disputes never play well together!  There are no “ours”, it’s mine and yours!  Mediation assists parties in causation, connection and conflict resolution. From the precarious center, we search for ways to help others:

  • Bridge deep and bitter divides
  • Craft fair, long-lasting solutions
  • Obtain equitable benefits, dignity, and justice.

We also recognize that people usually know best how to solve their problems. Rather than providing answers we pose the big questions, design a roadmap, and help you discover “your” best ideas.


Ione K. Mixon of James Clark Law Office (TX) Estate Planning/ Family Law
March 21, 20131 CLE When Liking Cookies Implicates Privacy: Facebook Litigation

While consumer information collection has existed for decades, there exists an arms race for statisticians to analyze consumer data and monetize habits.  This race has spawned entire industries of data collection that have caused consumer advocates to question whether the term “privacy policy” is oxymoronic.  Into this fray steps litigation, often in the form of consumer class action lawsuits. One of the most high-profile targets is Facebook, with its $3.8 billion in 2011 revenue and recent IPO that created paper millionaires overnight.


William O’Neill of Haynes Boone (CA) Litigation/Civil Law
March 18, 2013 Meet Your Friends, 10 at a Time, and Other Networking Tips (FREE to members!)Robin will be discussing her strategy for meeting new people with common interests through networking. Robin will also be providing other networking tips and tricks to maximize the benefits of networking. Robin Thompson, Samurai Networker Next Generation Leadership
February 21, 20131 CLE Final Session Picking the Right Estate and Life Plan For You and Your Family (free to members!) Michael J. Faehner, Esq. of M. Faehner, Esq. LLC (FL) Estate Planning/Family Law
February 20, 2013 Interpersonal Skills for Effective Leaders: Next Generation Leadership (free to members!)

Communicating effectively through strong interpersonal communication is the most critical skill a leader can possess when working with others and it continues to be of great importance to meet the demands of client retention and in the building of trust and confidence in an individual’s and organization’s leadership.

Many leaders miss the mark when it comes to connecting with their followers due to a lack of interest in others ideas and opinions, out dated management styles, and the inability to work with others. The ability to listen, read body language, ask questions, provide feedback and generate effective two-way communication builds trust & can also prevent performance problems/challenges down the road. Great leaders consistently strive to strengthen their interpersonal communication competencies by building and maintaining open, supportive, and collaborative relationships with others in the organization.

Wil Antonides, ALS
February 7, 20131 CLE What to Expect when your Boss is Expecting…Expecting to Go to Trial That Is (free to members!)An informative session on the pretrial process for litigators and the best tools to aid attorney’s in their preparation for trial. Jennifer Zimmermann General Law
January 31, 20131 CLE The Paralegal’s Role in Estate Planning

This webinar will discuss the paralegal’s role in estate planning as a tool for future planning.  There are several different elements that are involved in estate planning.   Focus will center on the paralegal’s/assistant’s role in the process of estate planning and the many different avenues it can take.

Nichola (Nicci) P. Engle, PP, PLS Estate Planning/Family Law
January 24, 20131 CLE Improving MS Word and Reducing Errors – No More Copy & Paste

The session will discuss five easy ways to use MS Word’s tools to build a basic but powerful forms library; explore ways to use a new (and free!) software add-in for Word to make the process even easier; and, demonstrate how an easy-to-learn and powerful tool can make all your forms so intelligent they will practically complete themselves.

Scott Campbell, Director of Digital ExperienceBob Christensen, Director of Customer Service General Law
January 17, 20131 CLE Revisions to Revised Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code are coming:  Are You Ready?

A clear understanding of Revised Article 9 (RA9) is critical for successfully navigating the nuances of the Uniform Commercial Code. Article 9 is being revised again!  An important change is the definition of DEBTOR name.  Failure to get it right could risk your perfection. Also coming are new forms.  This class will focus on the new amendments, including the effect on your filing and searching.

Janis Timlick, Unisearch Corporate Law
January 16, 2013 Generational Differences-Bridging the GapNext Generation Leadership (free to members!)

Have you ever heard the phrase “generation gap?” It was a term used back in the 1960’s referring to differences between people of younger generations and their elders. Nowadays, there is more than one “gap.” Whether you are a member of the Baby Boomer generation, Generation X, or a Millennial, you can learn what these terms mean, what has influenced each group, and ways to reach across the “gap” to develop better relationships. Join us for this fun and educational webinar presented by the NALS Next Generation Leadership Committee.

Vicki Ballinger, PLS Next Generation Leadership
December 18, 2012 Succession Planning: Next Generation Leadership (free to members!)

Corporations, boards of directors, and businesses regularly plan for succession – it’s simply part of planning for the future.  But, did you know that leaders also should plan for the future.  What happens if you are unable to fulfill your leadership duties?  How should your chapter or state move forward on programs that overlap the fiscal year?  How do you plan for future success – what are the basics; what are the lofty goals?

Join the Next Generation Leadership Committee as NALS Marketing Director Brynne Williamson, PP, PLS-SC, and NALS Past President Patti Infanti, PP, PLS, discuss this very important topic of transitioning in our chapters and states as well as other leadership aspects of succession planning.

Patricia Infanti, PP, PLS and Brynne Williamson, PP, PLS-SC Next Generation Leadership
December 13, 20121 CLE Effective Use of Technology In the Courtroom (free to members!)

For better or worse, technology has impacted all of our lives. When a newsworthy event happens, it is broadcasted instantly thru many different technological outlets: the Internet, television, social media and blogs. Human memory research shows that after only 72 hours, typical jurors will only retain 10% of verbally presented information, while that number jumps to 65% when information is presented both verbally and visually. Therefore, trial attorneys who use and incorporate the use of technology in their courtroom presentation will have a significant advantage. This one hour CLE will provide simple techniques to incorporating the use of multi-media in your next courtroom experience and how to capture and engage your jury.

Ben Ross Litigation/Civil Law
December 6, 20121 CLE 60 Tips, Tricks and Gadgets

This seminar will provide quick and easy tips to assist legal staff in the law office. Tips will include time-saving instructions, new products, and software. This will be a fun-filled hour with lots of helpful information.

Dee Crocker General Law
November 29, 20121 CLE My Client Was Awarded a Judgment – What Do We Do Now? (free to members!)

After you have received a judgment in favor of your client, what is the next step? You will want to enforce and collect that judgment. In this webinar, you will learn how to: search for assets, obtain a lien against assets after they are located; deal with bankruptcy filings; use garnishment procedures; and many other issues that you may run into while collecting and enforcing judgment.

John T. Rogers General Law
November 15, 20121 CLE Powers of Attorney and Advance Health Care Directives

Please join Estate Planning attorney Sally Simpson to learn about and discuss the basics and some intricacies of these important documents, including:

  • Why – should anyone want or need to have these in place (now more than ever!)?
  • What – kind(s) are available and which are best in any given situation?
  • When – should the powers and directives be effective?  Do they expire?
  • How – do they work with other estate planning documents?  If I really need them, how do I put powers of attorney and directives in place so that they are legally effective?
  • Who – should I put in charge of my life when I am helpless?  Is he or she an “Agent” or a “Power” – or is there a difference?
  • Where – should I or can I obtain these?  Where should I keep the actual documents?  Are they effective outside my home state?
Sally Jo Simpson of Simpson Law Office, PLLC (AZ) Estate Planning/Family Law
November 13, 2012 The Win-Win of Engaging Members in Community Service: Next Generation Leadership (free to members!)

Learn how getting members involved in the local community positively impact the community while simultaneously builds  chapter member’s unity, communication, resources, and enhances leadership skills.

Ana Lanasa-Selvidge,  Pro Bono Services Volunteer Manager at King County Bar Association, Washington. Next Generation Leadership
November 1, 20121 CLE Ethical Situations Notaries May Face

In this webinar, we will discuss serving as a notary public, ethical guidelines that should be followed, and some examples of ethical situations and dilemmas that may arise in fulfilling duties as a notary.

Peggy Sullivan, PP, PLS General Law
October 25, 20121 CLE Arbitration (free to members!) Scott Brown of Blake & Uhlig (MO) Corporate Law
October 23, 2012 Sleeping With My Smartphone (and other Work-Life Balance Issues): Next Generation Leadership (free to members!)

So are you?  Are you sleeping with your smartphone?  Do you keep it under your pillow or next to your bed?  Are you a working parent, trying to juggle work and family life issues, not to mention the daily chores of keeping the family and you running smoothly?

If the answer is, YES!, join NALS Past President Patti Infanti in a discussion centered on balancing out and reclaiming your life AND the demands of your smartphone.

Patti Infanti, PP, PLS, NALS Past President (PA)
October 11, 20121 CLE Probate from a Paralegal’s Point of View

This session will be an overview of the probate process from initial contact with the client, to the gathering of asset information and the preparation of an inventory and allocation of assets, through the closing of the estate.

Brynne Williamson, PP, PLS-SC of Helsell Fetterman LLP (WA) Estate Planning/Family Law
October 4, 20121 CLE The ABC’s of Trial Notebooks

In “The ABC’s of Trial Notebooks” you can expect to learn the main categories of a trial notebook, including what you should and should not focus on, as well as specific tools to use to organize and detail your trial notebook. You will learn:

  • When to begin preparing a trial notebook;
  • How to easily locate specific information as needed;
  • How to prepare for changes as the case becomes more complex?
  • And more!
Vicki Voisin, ACP, The Paralegal Mentor Litigation/Civil Law
September 27, 20121 CLE

I-9 Dos and Don’ts in the Workplace

Form I-9 has been a part of the American workforce since November 6, 1986, when the Immigration Reform and Control Act (the “Act”) was enacted. Pursuant to the Act, employers are required to verify the employment eligibility of their employees; a verification that takes place through the use of the Form I-9. Failure to properly verify the employment eligibility of employees can lead to significant civil and criminal sanctions. Fines can range anywhere from approximately $300 to the tens of thousands of dollars.

Nelsy C. Gómez, Esq. of Cozen O’Conner (TX) Corporate Law
September 19, 2012 Leading Effective Meetings: Next Generation Leadership (free to members!)

Being a leader implies that you always know what to do in any given situation.  Your members look to you to set the direction of your chapter or state’s future.  One way to earn members’ respect is to hold effective meetings that are productive and stimulating.  Join NALS Past President Patti Infanti, of the Next Generation Leadership Committee to learn the secrets of dealing with heated discussions, off topic chatter, preparing agendas with power and punch, and much more.  You, too, can lead effective meetings!

Patricia E. Infanti, PP, PLS (PA), NALS Past President
September 13, 20121 CLE Ethilution – Ethics in the Modern Legal Office

Ethics does not change, its practical

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