NALS offers you many options to connect with other members. Whether it is via social networking, through an online WebEd session, or through one of the NALS conferences, we have something for everyone.

We are on the forefront of social networking, and we have a strong presence on numerous social media platforms. Join us on the cutting edge of technology! NALS has a social media site for everyone.

We are on the forefront of social networking with the NALS Facebook Group and NALS Fan Page where you can show your support for NALS, find friends in the association and discuss trends in the industry or even your favorite past time. The Foundation Fan Page is another great way to learn educational tips and tricks!

Trying to keep up with all that goes on at NALS?  You can follow us on Twitter!  The NALS Twitter handle is “NALStweet” and you can also follow the NALS magazine, @Law at the handle “LawMagazine“.

Want something more professional?  Join us on LinkedIn for a professionally focused social group featuring a job board, discussion and other ways to network with colleagues.


Make the Most Out of Your Membership…Attend a NALS Conference!

With two national-level conferences each year, the opportunities for education and networking abound! Click here to learn more about the conferences offered by NALS.