@Law has a total paid subscription of 4,000 and a free distribution of over 1,000.  @Law is sent to around 5,000 paralegals, legal assistants, legal secretaries, educators, law libraries and other members of the legal community. We offer many different sizes and placement options for advertising in @Law.  Advertisers often hold placements for several years and the premium placement cover spots are rarely available.  If you are interested in advertising in @Law please contact April Collins, @Law Editor, immediately to reserve your placement.  All placements are reserved on a first come first served basis.  We also offer discounts to sponsors of NALS, so if you are a sponsor or are looking be become one, you can take advantage of a 20% discount on all placements in @Law!

Advertising Spaces and Costs
Space (sizes in inches) 1x 2x 3 – 4x
Full Page Spread (17 x 11) $2800 $2500 $2200
1/2 Page Spread (4.75 x 17) $2200 $2000 $1800
Back Cover (8.5 x 11) $1800 $1600 $1500
Inside Cover (8.5 x 11) $1600 $1300 $1200
Full Page (8.5 x 11) $1200 $1100 $1000
2/3 Page (4.625 x 11) $1100 $1000 $900
1/2 Page (7.5 x 4.75) $800 $700 $500
1/3 Page vertical (2.125 x 10) $600 $500 $400
1/3 Page horizontal (4.75 x 4.625) $600 $500 $400
1/4 Page (4.625 x 3.75) $500 $400 $300
1/6 Page (4.625 x 2.375) $400 $300 $200

All pricing is for black and white placements.  There is an additional $200 charge for 4-color placements and there are no spot color placements.  The trim size of the magazine is 8.5 x 11 and all full page spots with a bleed will need to set up with a 1/4 inch bleed. High resolution PDF files are preferred.

General Rate Policy

Advertisers are protected at the contracted rate for the duration of the contract.  If the contract is cancelled before the fulfillment of the contract they will be billed for one of the remaining ads on the contract.

Contract Regulations

Written insertion orders are requested for each insertion and must be received prior to the space reservation closing date.  Cancellations are not accepted after the reservation closing date.  All contracted cancelations are subject to penalty of one placement billing and must be cancelled 30 days prior to the space reservation closing date.


First-time advertisers must pay for the first insertion at the time advertising materials are submitted.  All  accounts due and payable within 30 days from invoice date.

Issue Publishing Date Reservation Closing Date
Summer June 1 March 1
Fall September 1 June 1
Winter December 1 September 1
Spring March 1 December 1

For more information contact April Collins, @Law Editor at

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