Our newsletters are our way of keeping our members informed with what is going on inside the association as well as on what trends and news are happening in the legal profession.  We send all of the newsletters in electronic format and when you join you are automatically set up to receive our emails messages.  Here is a listing of our newsletters along with some information about each of them.

E-News - Sent out every week, this newsletter is an update on what NALS is doing as well as reminders for deadlines and other association news.

the NALS docket - This electronic magazine style newsletter includes information about topics covered on legal blogs and twitter, along with industry related articles and association news directly from the Resource Center Staff!

e-Learn@NALS – This featured article was once a stand alone newsletter but will now reside as a column in each issue of the NALS Docket.

Leading the Way – Formerly a newsletter just for NALS Leaders this information will come from NALS Committees and offer information that will help you in professional development and may also offer some educational content. This newsletter will also be contained within the NALS Docket.