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@LawNALS… the association for legal professionals has been publishing @Law (formerly The Docket) for over 50 years.  It has been the membership publication for NALS members and other legal professionals, providing them with educational and professional development articles.  @Law readers are aged 36-65, mainly female, and work mostly in law offices.  Readers represent paralegals, legal assistants and legal secretaries equally with others working as legal administrators.  They work in firms of varying size as 40% work in firms with less than 5 attorneys and 30% work in firms with more than 50 attorneys.  Readers utilize various software and office services and 60% have some type of buying power related to these services or needs.  They are a very loyal group as over 70% keep back issues of the magazine and 60% share their issues with colleagues.  The total circulation of @Law is around 5,000 nationwide.

Each issue of @Law will contain articles chosen by an editorial board of individuals in the legal profession.  The editorial content of @Law is completely expert written.  We find the best authors we can to deliver the quality articles our readers have become used to reading over the last 50 years.  Our editorial calendar is updated each year but remains fluid as we reserve the right to include more timely articles as they are needed and desired.

Our magazine combines a graphic intensive layout with high quality expert written articles to provide an exceptional experience for readers.  Articles are organized by a team of legal professionals to make sure that the content of @Law is exactly what they are looking for.  Whether it be ethics, technology, office trends, or professional development our editorial board will find an expert in the area to provide a top-notch article on the topic.

With this new version of @Law online you will also be able to enjoy a sampling of our articles free of charge.  This will undoubtedly show you what you are missing in the magazine as not all articles will be available online.

If you wish to subscribe to @Law, please email April Collins, @Law Editor.

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