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Formal Legal Education

By Sarah Osborne, ALS I apologize for the lengthy silence since my introductory post. I JUST finished a semester of courses at the University of Alaska Anchorage, where I am studying for my Post-Bac in Legal Studies. So, I’ve been very busy at work while also finishing end-of-semester research memos and studying for finals at […]

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Staying Organized

By Julianna Durie, PLS If you have not noticed, deadlines and organization are a very important part of working in the legal field. When I was in paralegal school, I was told a good paralegal would write down every task that an attorney assigns and a paralegal should only have one open file on his […]

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New to the Office: Tips for Making New Friends

By Julianna Durie, PLS Being the new person in the office is always a mix of excitement and dread. However, a new job is an opportunity to meet new people in the legal field. There are several ways you can introduce yourself to your coworkers: Inviting new coworkers to join you at a local NALS […]

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Phone Conversations: Set the Right Tone

By Julianna Durie, PLS You learned in kindergarten that it is polite and common practice to say “Good Morning,” but sometimes this seems to be forgotten. When starting a conversation on the phone with clients, coworkers or other legal professionals, they appreciate a “Good Morning!” or “How are you?” versus a “Where is the paperwork […]

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Why Should I Join NALS?

By Maria Mejia, ALS, NALS of Missouri Professional. Legal Professional. These words are music to my ears.  I am probably the youngest member in my chapter being that I am 27 years old.  I didn’t even know NALS existed or that there was anything out there besides community college to be able to further my […]

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Balancing Act

By Anne Jack, PP, PLS As a working wife and mother, there are always those days when it seems like there is just too much going on. Sometimes I feel that the best I can do on those days is to try to keep both my sanity and schedule under control. My family is the […]

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Dress for Success

By Alexis Kessler, Baldwin County ALP (Alabama) In today’s market, the concept of fashionable vs. appropriate vs. practical tends to get lost in translation. As a twenty-six year working mother of 2 children under 5, I don’t always have time to stay up-to-date with the latest fashion  trends, but I’m also not rocking the […]

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Proper Etiquette

By Alexis Kessler When I was planning my wedding two years ago, one of the most important things I considered was making sure that it was very traditional. I spent hours “Googling” the Internet to ensure that I was staying with proper etiquette (i.e., who pays for what, what should go on the invitations, when […]

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How To – Skills Building Session

By Alexis Kessler, Baldwin County ALP (Alabama) We’ve all been there.  You start a new job, maybe your first job in the legal field, and they begin by giving you “basic tasks” until you both feel more comfortable in your skill level. Sound’s great, right? Until you begin to realize that your definition of […]

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

By Alexis Kessler, Baldwin County ALP (Alabama) When I first heard the topic of this week’s discussion, “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall-Projecting a Positive Image,” I thought to myself how does one define a “positive image?”  Doing what I always do when I’m not sure of what something means, I checked the dictionary. That’s […]

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