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Importance of E-Filing

By Julianna Durie, PLS So this was my day… Please join me now as we do our monthly search—through ALL our active client files—for the only copy of the exhibit that is due today! This is an excellent reason to scan those important documents that you cannot lose and e-file it to the client’s electronic […]

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Social Media—Posting On Behalf of Others

By Julianna Durie, PLS Many of us know the issues of posting on our own social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google+; don’t post embarrassing pictures of yourself,  don’t post things that you would not want the world to know, and with the Internet there are no take backs. However when you post for your […]

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Conflict Resolution for the Young Legal Professional

By Anne Jack, PP, PLS – NALS of Yavapai AZ I know that in today’s diversified workplace, sometimes you come across a coworker who you butt heads with. It happens to all of us! I have come to learn that how you handle the situation from the get go can greatly affect the final outcome. […]

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Oops! Error on the Job

By Anne Jack, PP, PLS Have you ever screwed up (worst case scenario) and you knew it was your mistake as soon as the error was discovered? What did you do? Very recently I was asked to calendar an event for my boss. Granted, we were at a bar function and it was the typical […]

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I’m a Survivor – Maintaining a Positive Attitude

By Alexis Kessler We’ve all worked with that one person whose voice just makes you want to cringe when you hear them say your name or their name comes up on your caller id and you wonder, do I really have to answer it? Of course you do, it’s what you say next that can […]

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By Alexis Kessler When people ask me what I do for a living, my answer is simple, “I’m a paralegal.” I then get the, “I’ve always wondered what the difference is between a secretary and a  legal assistant/paralegal” question. I always respond that it depends on the structure of the firm and terms they prefer […]

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Dress for Success

By Alexis Kessler, Baldwin County ALP (Alabama) In today’s market, the concept of fashionable vs. appropriate vs. practical tends to get lost in translation. As a twenty-six year working mother of 2 children under 5, I don’t always have time to stay up-to-date with the latest fashion  trends, but I’m also not rocking the […]

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