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An Educator's Guide to the ALP Exam


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An Educator's Guide to Preparing for the Accredited Legal Professional (ALP) Exam


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One way to demonstrate your preparedness for the demanding field of law is by becoming an Accredited Legal Professional (ALP). This certification is awarded after passing a three-part examination. Attaining this goal demonstrates your commitment and aptitude for succeeding in the ever-changing legal environment. The ALP exam:
  • demonstrates ability to perform business communication tasks;
  • gauges ability to maintain office records and calendars;
  • measures understanding of office equipment, computer terminology, and related procedures;
  • denotes aptitude for understanding legal terminology, legal complexities, and supporting documents;
  • appraises knowledge of law office protocol as prescribed by ethical codes.

ALP Examination Eligibility

To sit for the exam, you must have completed one of the following:

  • Completion of an accredited business/legal course,
  • Completion of a NALS Legal Training Course, or
  • One year of general office experience.

    Membership in NALS is not a requirement.

    The Exam Covers

    PART 1: Communications
    PART 2: The Law Firm: Legal Procedures and Knowledge
    PART 3: Legal Ethics and Authority


    Please review NALS Resource Manual for a detailed list of exam content. 


    Examination Fees

    Initial Fees

    • Full-Time Student$75
    • NALS member$100
    • Nonmember$125
    • Military$75

    Proctoring Fee- $45.00 (online only)
    Paid directly to service provider

    Retake Fees – 1 part

    • Full-Time Student$40
    • NALS member$40
    • Nonmember$50
    • Military$40

    Proctoring Fee- $45.00 (online only)
    Paid directly to service provider

    Retake Fees – 2 parts

    • Full-Time Student$50
    • NALS member$75
    • Nonmember$100
    • Military$50

    Proctoring Fee- $45.00 (online only)
    Paid directly to service provider


    Payment Options

    NALS accepts cash, check and credit card payments for the ALP Exam and associated products [i.e. study aids, flashcards, etc..]. If your school issues a purchase order (PO), the exam test period[e.g., May 2018, March 2019, etc..], instructor's name, and the number and name(s) of the student(s) sitting for the exam must be listed.


    Please note payment must be remitted, in full, before the results of the exam session are released to the institution, instructor or student. Therefore, we strongly urge all institutions of academia to pay for the exam(s) with a company credit card. 


    Exam Resources

    Books Needed for NALS Accredited Legal Professional (ALP) Exam

    • NALS Basic Manual for the Legal Professional, 14th Edition
      • ISBN: 9780314631657
      • Brand: Thomson West
      • Ordering Methods: 1-888-728-7677 | ONLINE
      • Hardbound and eBook

    Additional References - For Schools Only

    The following resources are not available for general sale, but are available to course instructors. 

    • NALS Basic Manual for the Legal Professional, 14th Edition, Student Study Guide
      • ISBN: 9780314631329
      • Brand: Thomson West
      • Ordering Methods: ONLINE  
      • DISCLAIMER: This edition of the Student Study Guide was designed as a teaching resource for use alongside this edition of the Instructor's Manual. Should an individual wish to purchase a student study guide, they may do so, however, please note that no answer key accompanies this guide. 


    • NALS Basic Manual for the Legal Professional, 14th Edition, Instructor's Manual
      • ISBN: 9780314631312
      • Brand: Thompson West
      • Ordering Methods: To order, please contact Dan Johnson at Thomson Reuters. 

    Additional Study Tools



    Study Hall 

    An online feature for members. The online study hall provides various study materials in an array of mediums (e.g., video, podcast, etc.) to supplement the material presented in the BMLP. 


    NALS Study Hall Live Series 

    Online legal training and exam preparation courses hosted by NALS education task force, S.A.G.E.S. The online classes are free to members and teachers may use these courses to supplement coursework. 


    Mock Exams


    Paper Exam Registration- A Two-Step Process

    Please begin the registration process EARLY. This will ensure your students receive the maximum number of benefits. 



    Step 1

    Step 2



    • Currently, students, who register for the ALP Exam, will receive a free, one-year membership.
    • Submit the completed applications to and Please include both email addresses with your application submission.
    • Each application must include name, home and school address, phone number and email address. Please make sure the hand writing is legible.



    • After your students' memberships are approved, they will have access to student-level discounts for our products and certification exams.
    • Your students will need to register for the exam online. The links to our online applications are available here [box in the middle of the page]. 
    • Your students must enter their testing location and the name of their proctor. 
    • If your school is remitting a purchase order (PO), please have your students select "Check/Money Order" upon check out. This invoice will be consolidated into one invoice under the name of the institution or instructor. The invoice with the student's name will disappear from the system. 
    • Once your students' exam applications are approved, the exam registration confirmation(s) and testing materials will be mailed to your attention via UPS. The instructor's email address will be included on the shipping and tracking updates via UPS. 






    The Online Exam Process: Step-by-Step


    ALP Step OneIf your application is approved by the NALS Certification/Education Manager, you will receive an email with instructions on how to proceed to the online ALP Exam. These instructions will include login information for the online exam portal and detailed instructions on how to access the online exam. This email will also include the number of days you have to sit for the exam. You may sit for the exam at any time in that window, day or night. Once you decide when to sit for the online exam, you will need: a reliable internet connection; a quiet room, free of distractions; and a webcam.




    Step 2



    After you receive the exam confirmation email from NALS, you will receive a link to the online exam portal and your login/password information. After downloading the necessary software, the online proctoring system will require each examinee to show a valid ID, scan their surroundings and take a photo of their face to verify identity.




    Step Three



    After your identity has been established, you will be able to take our online exam. 

    You will navigate to your specific exam and take it like you normally would.  






    Step 4


    Your exam session is reviewed and recorded (screen, audio and webcam) by third-party, unbiased certified proctors. Results of the exam reviews are delivered directly to our organization including the screen, audio, and webcam recording. If anything appears suspicious during the exam process, the video will be flagged and reviewed by the National Certifying Board and the National Certification and Education Manager.  





    Step Five


    You will receive your results immediately upon completion. If you pass the exam, you will receive your certificate in the mail. If you fail any parts of the exam, you will be able to retest online





    Online Exam Application & Registration

    Apply and register for the Accredited Legal Professional (ALP) Exam by clicking on the links below. We offer the ALP each month of the year!  


    2019 ALP Exam Sessions

    2020 ALP Exam Sessions


    Helpful Links & Videos

    The information provided by the links below are generic instructions for the examinee. NALS specific instructions will be emailed to the candidate upon review and approval of the online exam application.  


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