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Committee Descriptions & Details

NALS Board of Directors are actively engaged in analyzing the challenges and opportunities for the association, identifying the high-impact legal industry trends or developments affecting the members, and strategically using the association resources to build member value. They need a great team to join them as they begin to shape the future of NALS. That is where YOU come in!  Take an active role in leadership service. 

Volunteers are at the heart of NALS. The work and efforts of volunteers have a positive impact on our organization, and the potential to enrich us individually as well as further the legal support profession. NALS relies upon the passion, excitement, expertise, and diverse perspectives of its volunteers to help create indispensable tools and experiences. Participation on a NALS committee will enhance your personal goals and professional growth, give you a clearer understanding of the inner workings of NALS, and empower you to shape the future of NALS through your volunteerism. 


All NALS committees communicate electronically, holding online meetings via conference call and conducting business through email. There is opportunity for in-person work during the Education and Networking Conference each fall.  Though not mandatory, with the exception of the Certifying Board and Leadership Identification Committee, national committees are highly encouraged to meet at these conferences. 

It is thrilling and exciting to be part of the NALS Leadership Team. You will have FUN getting to know and working with other NALS members from around the country; additionally, you will gain a sense of pride and accomplishment seeing your work come to fruition. Engage, inspire, enhance, and promote NALS by accepting the challenge to make a difference!


Certifying Board Editorial Committee Education Committee Financial Oversight Committee Foresight and Innovation Committee Governance Task Force

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Certifying Board 

Full Description

Description: Meeting once per month, the NALS Certifying Board is responsible for all issues relating to certification exams. Members should have expertise in subject areas of tests, deep interest in the legal profession, recognition in their fields, leadership ability, and willingness to devote time to the responsibilities of this committee.



  • Skill Development
  • CLE credit towards NALS recertification
  • Establish a network with peers
  • Shape the future of the NALS Certification Program


  • Review certification guidelines
  • Develop questions for certification exams
  • Evaluate performance of items on exams to determine validity
  • Suggest improvements to NALS certification based on industry trends and research
  • Determine required reference texts for all exams
  • Oversee pricing for exams and resources
  • Maintain and update master copy of NALS exams
  • Other tasks and duties as necessary for the advancement of NALS certification


Editorial Committee

Full Description

Description:The NALS Editorial Committee assists staff with the development and review of NALS publications and content distributed to NALS members and the public. The committee works in conjunction with the Marketing Committee to create accurate, impactful, and relevant content.



  • Skill development
  • Opportunities to author articles for national publication
  • Networking with fellow members and industry experts


  • Proofreading the Docket email newsletter and the @Lawquarterly publication
  • Develop ideas and reach out to authors for blog posts and articles for the Docket, @Law, and more
  • Review and approve written content created by staff
  • Prepare content calendar
  • Communicate with authors/content creators for NALS publications


Education Committee

Full Description

Description:The Education committee is responsible for the development and maintenance of NALS educational offerings, including but not limited to CLE webinars, certification exam prep materials, and study manuals, to ensure relevance and availability of offerings. They will also promote these offerings to the broader legal community. This committee includes five sub-committees focused on specific programs within NALS' education offerings.



  • Opportunity to create outstanding educational offerings for NALS professional development
  • Expand professional networks with NALS members
  • Contribute to the betterment of the legal profession and the Association
  • Ability to serve on one of several subcommittees


  • Develop talking points and tools for use in outreach to schools
  • Produce and maintain certification study resources
  • Develop content and teach others as a part of the Virtual Legal Training Course
  • Review and update the NALS Manual for the Legal Professional
  • Develop and host a schedule of high-quality education for NALS in a variety of formats


Financial Oversight Committee

Full Description

Description: The  NALS Financial Oversight Committee is a five person committee that assists with overseeing the financial health and continued wellness for this vital legal professional association. Applicants should be experience with financial management, able to read and interpret financial statements, and able to explain financial status to general members. Applicants should have at least three years of service as a chapter treasurer and/or on a chapter financial review committee, or have proven financial competence through other organizations or roles.


Benefits: Members of the Financial Oversight Committee will expand their professional networks with NALS members and contribute to the financial health of the Association.



  • Review monthly financial statements
  • Meet quarterly to discuss financial health of the association
  • Provide annual report to membership on the association's financial status
  • Assist with budget development by reviewing and providing feedback on budget drafts


Foresight and Innovation Committee 

Full Description

Description:The Foresight and Innovations Committee will scan the legal industry for trends, new developments, or regulations that may impact the legal support profession.The committee will make recommendations on how NALS can be prepared for or get involved with these issues. Member should be strategic thinkers who are knowledgeable about various facts of the legal industry and should be members of or have access to other legal associations, vendors, educators, or sources.


Benefits: Members of the Foresight & Innovation Committee will expand their professional networks with NALS members, be up to date on current issues in the legal field, and influence the future of the Association.



  • Scan publications, social media, etc. of organizations throughout the legal industry (e.g., ABA, ALA, NALA, AAfPE, etc.)
  • Stay abreast of new developments from vendors within to the legal field
  • Review new or changing regulations, with an eye for trends across multiple states
  • Report to the NALS Board twice per year on trends, changes, etc. that could impact the future of the legal support field or the Association


Governance Task Force

Full Description

(not taking new volunteers at this time)

Description: NALS Governance Task Force will review the Association’s governing documents and recommend revisions to ensure documents are accurate, consistent, and up to date. This task force began work in late-2019 and will conclude by the Fall of 2020. This committee is made of a chair and five members.


Benefits:Members of the Governance Task Force will expand their professional networks with NALS members and contribute to the betterment and growth of the profession and the Association.



  • Review Bylaws, Standing Rules, and any forms or documents that support the execution of those policies.
  • Research issues as needed to ensure policies are in line with member needs, industry standards, etc.
  • Identify possible revisions and make those recommendations to the NALS Board.
  • Most task force work will be conducted over email, with occasional phone calls as needed.
  • Anticipate 1-2 hours per month, with possible variation based on specific task force member assignments

Leadership Identification Committee 

Full Description

Description:The general charge of the Leadership Identification Committee (LIC) is to identify and develop leadership within NALS and strengthen the

association's governance model. The committee continually monitors the leadership landscape of NALS, evaluates current and future volunteer board leaders,  and presents the annual slate of nominees for the board of directors, President, Secretary, and Treasurer. 


Benefits: Committee members will benefit from the opportunity to strengthen the volunteer leadership structure of the Association allowing NALS to operate

more efficiently and effectively. Committee members will also expand their professional networks with NALS members and contribute to the betterment and  growth of the profession and the Association.



  • Identify potential leaders and cultivate involvement interest.
  • Solicit nominations for open board positions.
  • Collect questionnaires, applications, references, and/or other evaluation tools to vet candidates.
  • Interview qualified candidates. Interviews typically take place in person at the Annual Conference each September.
  • Present a slate of candidates to the membership consisting of candidate(s) for President, Treasurer, Secretary, and open Director positions.


Marketing Committee

Full Description

Description:The Marketing Committee will review the NALS strategic plan to create and prioritize marketing activities related to the following areas of the

organization: Membership Growth, Certification, Education, Image/Branding. It consists of a char and five members serving two-year terms.



  • Skill development
  • Networking with fellow members and industry experts
  • Potential for nationally published articles


  • Develop a marketing plan for reach of the four areas of the responsibility. Focus on one activity per area per year.
  • Work in coordination with appropriate committees
  • Review staff developed tactics to achieve the plan
  • Assist in plan implementation as needed
  • Evaluate results
  • Committee to meet monthly


Membership Committee

Full Description

Description:The Membership Committee plays an important role in NALS' ongoing efforts to enhance the overall member experience. This committee will

evaluate member benefits and resources so the Association can best serve the members. They will also serve as a connection between the NALS headquarters  and the membership, specifically with new members. By doing this, NALS can understand the needs of the membership and provide resources to serve them.


Benefits: Committee members will benefit from staying abreast of current issues, events, and engagement strategies of the nonprofit association industry,  building their professional networks with NALS members and contributing to the betterment and growth of the profession and the association.



  • Evaluate NALS’ membership benefits and resources, making recommendations for updates/changes.
  • Identify opportunities to increase new/existing member participation.
  • Act as a liaison for new members by welcoming them into the organization and learning what they hope to receive from their membership.
  • This committee will begin work in May 2020.
  • Typically meets once a month, in person or via video conference call


NALS Conference Committee 

Full Description

Description:The Conference Committee plays an important role in NALS ongoing efforts to provide excellent professional development and networking

opportunities to members and prospective members. Committee members serve as key contributors to capturing relevant speakers, content, sponsorships, and  overall event planning assistance for the NALS Annual Conference. The committee will strive to support the event planning efforts made by NALS staff as well as  assist in marketing for event promotion and theme selection, as necessary.


Benefits:Committee members will benefit from the opportunity to create a memorable event that will bring a new level of professional development and

networking opportunities to NALS. Committee members will also expand their professional networks with NALS members and contribute to the betterment and  growth of the profession and the Association.



  • Prepare a balanced schedule of high-quality education and fun networking opportunities that cover a variety of CLE topics.
  • Typically meets virtually six to eight times between December and September.
  • Attend Annual Conference (September). There will be onsite volunteer responsibilities.


Sponsorship Committee

Full Description

Description:The Sponsorship Committee will work to secure appropriate sponsors, exhibitors, corporate partners, and advertisers in order to achieve budgeted  non-dues revenue goals. The committee will work closely with the conference organizers, editorial committee, and staff. The committee will be made of five  members serving two-year terms and includes the NALS treasurer as a board liaison.



  • Skill development
  • Networking with fellow members and industry experts


  • Develop yearly work plan with fundraising goals
  • With staff assistance develop sales material such as annual conference prospectus, rate sheet, etc.
  • Advise staff on function of job board and buyers guide
  • Create prospect lists and contact if appropriate
  • Advise treasurer on progress toward budgeted goals
  • Committee to meet monthly
  • Communicate by email as needed to prospects, staff, and other committees


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