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Continuing Your Legal Education

The mission of NALS...the association for legal professionals has been, and continues to be, the pursuit of education and professional development for the legal support professional. Our members are encouraged to continue their professional growth, in the legal support industry, by earning continuing legal education (CLE) credits.


As a legal support professional, you can earn CLE credits through different mediums; this includes but, is not limited to, webinars, conferences, lectures, secondary-education, pro bono legal support services, and volunteering. Appropriate educational topics are numerous and varied; they range from law office procedures, technology, ethics and judgment, grammar, to law-related topics. We've gathered resources for you on this page to get your CLE journey started. There are lots of options so pick the one that's right for you!



CLE Modules

Successful Completion of Postsecondary Education Courses

This module covers successful completion (Grade C or better) of relevant courses (courses related to the examination or any area of law) at an accredited institution of higher education. Higher education institutions are generally organized into semesters (16 weeks in length providing “semester hours,” or 10 to 12 weeks in length providing “quarter hours”). Copies of transcripts or grade reports and official course descriptions are to be submitted with the completed online application. 

We accept college credits from multiple institutes of academia. Please submit your transcripts to our National Certification and Education Manager for review and approval. 


Attendance at Seminars/Workshops, NALS Online Education, and CLE Online 

This module covers attendance at conferences, seminars, workshops, chapter educational programs, etc. and participation in NALS Online Educational Chats on topics related to the examinations or any area of law. Seminars and NALS Online Chats must be a minimum length of 30 minutes. Included in this module is credit for watching videotapes or listening to audiotapes on relevant topics. One hour equals one point of education credit.  

Seminars/Workshops Taught

This module covers teaching at conferences, seminars, workshops, chapter educational programs, etc. on topics related to the examination or any area of law. Seminars must be a minimum length of one (1) hour. One teaching hour equals four points, which includes credit for preparation and presentation time.


A copy of the seminar brochure verifying the applicant as a speaker or other documentation confirming applicant’s participation in the program is to be submitted with the completed recertification application. 


Earning Other Certifications and Certificates

This module covers earning other national certifications and specialty certifications. Each candidate may be awarded up to 20 points per certification earned. Copies of the certificates must  be submitted to the NALS Resource Center. 


Examples of Other Certifications and Certificates:

Authoring Articles and Publications

This module covers authoring articles regarding exam-related topics and law-related education. Five points are awarded for each substantive article.


This module covers self-study dedicated to the legal profession such as reading legal related articles and books. You must list the article and/or book title, publication name, volume, edition, and any other information that will assist with identification of the article or book. One point is awarded for one hour of reading. A maximum of five hours can be earned for self study.


Example Self-Study Resources: 

Please review our NALS eBook Library for a list of self-study resources. 


Credit for Volunteering on a National Task Force 

This module covers volunteer time dedicated to NALS' national task force(s) [e.g., Board of Directors, Leadership Identification Committee (LIC), National Certifying Board, Manuals Task Force, etc...]. If you are claiming CLE credit for volunteering on a national task force, you must provide proof of your involvement and your task force leader must confirm same. 

Pro Bono Legal Support Services

Each candidate can earn CLE credit(s) for volunteering their time and skills as a paralegal or legal support professional to legal organizations or nonprofit organizations [e.g., Legal Aid Services, etc...] in a pro bono capacity. A maximum of five (5) hours can be earned for pro bono legal support services. If you are claiming CLE credit under this module, you must provide confirmation of your time/services dedicated. 


Example Organizations: 


Documenting and Recording Your CLE(S) 

You MUST obtain certificates or other documentation confirming participation in all educational activities. A file, with all CLE certificates and documentation, must be maintained. We strongly suggest that you track, organize and maintain your CLE credits and supporting documentation in your online journal. A chart, including date of activity, topic and points earned, may be utilized to keep track of credits. Every legal support professional should retain originals of all CLE documents [e.g., certificates etc...], as the NALS Resource Center discards submitted documents upon approval of the recertification application.







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