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NALS Legal Training Courses

NALS Legal Training Course (LTC)

Many of our state and location organizations host legal training courses. Please contact your local NALS community for a listing of the location(s), time(s) and date(s) of the course. We strongly recommend you engage in a locally hosted LTC as it often introduces the registrant to local rules, codes, procedures, statutes etc... 

If you are a member at large or if your state or local organization has elected to not host the LTC, you can participate in our Virtual LTC. Our Virtual LTC, hosted at the national level, is informative and versatile. Participants can choose from a variety mediums [e.g., webinars, live online study sessions, etc..] for each of the required modules. 


NALS Virtual Legal Training Course (VLTC)

Department of Education for the Legal Support Professional | Online-Only Course


Introduction to the Legal Support Profession Course




The VLTC was designed for: 

  • Individuals preparing for a job in the legal support profession; 
  • Individuals who wish to earn continuing legal education (CLE) credits; 
  • Individuals who are preparing for the Accredited Legal Professional (ALP) Exam; 
  • Teachers and professors associated with institutes of academia; and, 
  • NALS state and local chapters who wish to host a legal training course. 


Any legal information provided in this introductory legal education course should not be taken as personal legal advice for an individual student. Students are advised to seek individualized legal advice regarding their specific situation from an attorney of their choosing. 


All materials, not otherwise signed, are staff written. All content is open source material gathered from various government agencies, organizations and entities. The material contained in the VLTC is for educational purposes only. NALS, Inc. assumes no responsibility for the opinions or points of view expressed by contributors to this course unless statements have been authorized by action of the Association. NALS, Inc. endorses no item or service other than those under the auspices of the Association.



All students are required to read a great deal of information for the Virtual Legal Training Course (VLTC).  We will read from multiple resources including textbooks, current law cases, and other materials.  A facility in English speaking, listening, reading, and writing is essential to successful completion of this class. 



This online course provides an overview of the U.S. legal system with an additional focus on the role of the legal professional. Topics will include the operation and structure of the federal and state criminal and civil law systems; federal and state court organization; practical computer, research, and writing skills for the legal professional; resume creation and basic introduction of various areas of law.



The purpose of this course is to be an introduction to the legal support profession and provide a foundation of skills and tools that will be needed as a legal professional.


Goals for Student Learning:  

Demonstrate understanding of the roles and obligations of legal support professionals and attorneys.  

Describe the duties of the legal professional within the legal system and law office.  

Distinguish the operations and structure of the Federal and State criminal and civil court systems.

Demonstrate proficiency in practical computer and writing skills required for legal professionals.

Demonstrate proficiency with client interviews and intake.

Demonstrate a basic understanding of the various areas of law within the U.S. legal system.



Textbooks and reading materials accompany the course.




NALS Basic Manual for the Legal Professional, 14th Edition

ISBN: 9780314631657

Brand: Thomson West

Ordering Methods: 1-888-728-7677 | ONLINE

Hardbound and eBook


Gregg Reference Manual, 11th Edition [including online Appendix C: Rules for Alphabetic Filing]

ISBN: 9780073397108

Brand: McGraw Hill Publishing

Ordering Methods: 1-800-334-7344 | ONLINE

Softbound and eBook

Instructors May Request a FREE Copy


The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citations, 20th Edition

      Ordering Information: ONLINE

      Softbound and Online Subscription



Any participant who feels s/he may need an accommodation based on the impact of a disability should contact NALS National Certification and Education Manager.



The Virtual Legal Training Course (VLTC) is a self-paced, online course structured into nine (9) learning modules (Module A-I). Each module contains multiple sections dedicated to various topics relevant to the legal support profession and the aspiring professional. Each section of the VLTC contains links to podcasts, videos, books, and online resources. VLTC participants are required to read, listen, or watch the material presented with each link. Each participant will also be required to attend/participate in NALS Live Study Hall Sessions and watch pre-selected webinars available through our online store. A complete list of Modules, Assignments, required NALS Live Study Hall Courses, and webinars are listed in the "Class Schedule" of the course syllabus.



Due to the structure and requirements of the Virtual Legal Training Course (VLTC), each participant will be required to purchase a NALS membership. You may join NALS online or you may contact the National Membership Coordinator. 

  • NALS Study Hall Live Courses -  Free for VLTC participants

  • NALS Webinars - (Prices vary and are based upon membership level)

  • NALS Virtual Legal Training Program Certificate of Completion - $25.00 (Due at the end of the course)



There will be assignments associated with each module. Each participant is required to read all materials presented in each module unless specific chapters are listed in the "Class Schedule" of the course syllabus. A list of assignment(s) and required course assignment(s) are listed in the "Class Schedule" as well. Each participant will be required to complete the assignments associated with each module before continuing legal education (CLE) credits are issued. Each assignment will need to be uploaded to the participant’s online CLE journal and emailed to NALS National Certification and Education Manager.



Each assignment will be graded by NALS staff members and members of the Education Products Task Force, SAGES. To receive CLE credit, the participant must earn a “C” or better on each assignment. Assignments earning less than a "C", will be returned to the participant. The participant may resubmit the assignment after making the necessary improvements. Our grading scale is as follows:


A+ =100%

A = 99-95%

A- = 94-90%

B+ = 89-87%

B = 86-83%

B- = 82-80%

C+ = 79-77%

C = 76-73%

C- = 72-70%

 D+ = 69-67%

 D = 66-63%

 D- = 63-60%




The VLTC tool kit contains resources for the program participants. The tool kit contains a copy of the course syllabus and a notes page designed for the program.



  • Terminology. Law has a language all its own. As you read through the learning modules, write down each word that is “new” to you on a printed notes page made available through our VLTC tool kit. Write down in your own words what you think it means. Compare your definition with the glossary, provided in the modules or with a law dictionary (e.g., Black’s Law Dictionary), for accuracy and completeness. See if you can write a sentence using the new word that makes sense. This will help you develop a mastery of the terminology.

  • Questions and Problem Cases. Some of the modules contain documents with a series of questions, problem cases, and discussion points. See if you can answer them. Check with other NALS members to see if your answers are similar. Some of these cases are based on real cases. Compare your analysis with how the court ruled.

  • Study Groups.  Most students find it helpful to have a weekly group get-together to review the reading or class discussions to gain a deeper understanding of the materials.  Students are encouraged to work with others in the class on their problem sets, but each student must write up his or her answers separately. Please list the name(s) of those with whom you worked on your assignment. 

  • Internet Searching.  You will find it helpful to look at a variety of internet sites for information on legal topics.  For example: Cornell Law  


Individuals may withdraw from the VLTC Course at any time. However, refunds will not be issued for memberships or webinars.

Each participant must register online for the VLTC. Once you have completed the online registration form and obtained a NALS membership, you will be directed to the VLTC platform and will be able to launch the program. 































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